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  • Book Title: Poetry Manifesto ( New and Selected Poems )
  • Publisher: Indialog
  • ISBN-10: 8184430337
  • EAN:  9788184430332
  • Language: English

  • No of Pages:119
  • Publication Year::2010

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Book Description

One of the pleasures gained by reading Vihang Naik’s poetry is the awareness that every poem, both singly and when placed together as a body of work, demonstrates a belief in the possibilities that language truthfully and energetically communicates the writing experience’ — The Journal of Poetry Society ( India ). ‘Naik maps out the way in which a poem instills life into words’ — Indian Literature: A Sahitya Akademi’s Bi- Monthly Journal, New Delhi, India. AboutCity Times & Other Poems  ‘the poet [Vihang A. Naik] has something up his sleeve to say beyond the appearances’ — Indian Book Chronicle.

The poems in this collection are vintage, Vihang A. Naik’s poems are intuitive, thoughtful, philosophical and creative pieces, where the poet displays a confident command, mature, with a fine balance of emotional intensity, irony, ranging across themes and places with experimentation.

Book Reviews

“Poetry Manifesto ( New & Selected Poems ) by Vihang Naik covers 1993-2009 offered in this collection in three sets. The sections are divided into Poems, From Making A Poem (2004) and concludes with City Times & Other Poems (1993). Naik has established himself as an imagist while maintaining knowledge grounded in realism and emotional intensity. ” – Fox Chase Review

“Naik’s usual free-verse style, of continuous down-paging in a rush of short lines, suits the vernacular of his vision. Naik is a poet who knows the real world of the writer and its downside, but is still on top of it. On top of it with his use of words, his techniques and with his native resilience. Through it all, he smiles as though he has the knowledge of the unknowable ” – The Indian Journal of English Studies ( India )

“This is a collection worth preserving with thoughtful insights at every fold and the innner tumult has been churned out with craft”. – The Journal of of the Poetry Society ( India )

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